Zachary Jean Paradis is a strategist, professor and author obsessed with transforming lives through experience innovation–he works at SapientNitro, teaches at Institute of Design and lives in Chicago.

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2013 Fuel Annual Report Says I Was Lazy

Smart stuff like Nike Fuelband are making the world, and our behavior in it, more "real" than ever before. I recently downloaded my own 2013 Fuel Annual Report and shared a few perspectives on what it means in Thoughts.

Read Volume 2 of the 2013 SoDA Report

The SoDA Report (Volume 2, 2013) from SoDA

Although Volume 1 of the 2014 Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) Report is soon to be released, you should read the Volume 2 of the 2013 Report if you haven't yet. I edited the Tech Talk section of Volume 2 last year as well as the upcoming issue. Read more about them, and other tidbits I've shared recently in Thoughts.

Check out a few of my projects, including work for McLaren supercars.

I spent a good portion of 2012 helping to launch the ultimate supercar brand. Learn a bit more about it and a slew of graduate school and earlier career projects in my (slightly) updated projects section: Too Many Projects, So Little Time.